Secure DB / Data Exchange

MISTIR Flowchart

The data for the projects using the MISTIR platform are stored in the data centre. We offer two options for data exchange: FTPS and HTTPS.

An FTPS server usualy offers the highest data transfer rates. We use the FileZilla server software and recommend its client software as well. However, the FTPS protocol is not allowed by many institutions.

Therefore, we have set up an HTTPS server as well. We use the excellent Drupal open source CMS to offer the public information on this site as well as the secured database.
For data exchange we use the WebFM module, which offers full file handling (i.e. up/down-load, create/delete files and directories, drag-and-drop support) using an AJAX interface.
Within the Drupal user authentication system, it is possible to assign roles per login name. This is used to limit access to sub-sections of the database per project.

Secure access is granted to the participants by using the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) methods with 1024 bits SHA-1 with RSA encrypted public key certificates. Notice that you will not be able to access the secondary login phase if you do not have this certificate.


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