Quality Assurance (QA)

MISTIR Flowchart With multicentric (radiotherapy) trials and especially with the in silico ones a lot of different software programs are involved. The data that is used is according to the DICOM (RT) standard. One aspect of this standard is that the data is stored in multiple files with several links connecting them. Furthermore, the standard is open to vendors to incorporate proprietary information. This can easily lead to interoperability issues.

To prevent, capture and solve these issues in daily clinical routine, MAASTRO Clinic uses an in-house developed set of services and programs under the name DIGITrans.

In the MISTIR setting, some of the procedures that are part of DIGITrans have been applied to the datasets. Together with some new written code and manual checks, the MISTIR framework now prevents and corrects the following possible issues:


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Quality Assurance
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