MISTIR Flowchart During the initialisation of a project, a protocol is set up conform the ones used in real clinical trials[1]. It states the hypotheses to investigate and the ways to test them. Common items in the protocol are:

  • primary and secundary study endpoints
  • sample size calculation
  • project management: goals, milestones

An example of a protocol will be made available.

A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is used to formalise the participants' roles, rights and liabilities. After signing the MTA, the participant is granted access to the central database.

A template of the MTA can be downloaded here (pdf|odt|doc).


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[1] Bolla M, Bartelink H, Garavaglia G, et al. EORTC guidelines for writing protocols for clinical trials in radiotherapy. Radiother Oncol 1995;36:1-8.


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