Welcome to the ROCOCO portal. ROCOCO is an acronym for Radiation Oncology COllaborative COmparison.

It is an international, multicentric in silico clinical trial in lung, prostate and head & neck cancer. With this project we are investigating whether, with the same dose on the tumor, particle (proton, carbon ion) therapy is cost effective in comparison to photon treatment modalities like CRT and IMRT.

ROCOCO Lung comparison

Next, we will investigate if particle therapy increases tumor control probability as compared to photons, with the same probability of toxicity for normal tissue, resulting in improvements in local control and survival rate.

ROCOCO Prostate comparison

For each of the three groups 25 photon, proton and 12C-ions curative radiotherapy plans are created and compared using the same “state of the art” images and structure delineations, dose specifications, dose constraints and fractionation schedules.

ROCOCO Head&Neck comparison

ROCOCO Activities

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For more information about the project, please send an email to Erik Roelofs.