At MAASTRO CLINIC, an in-house developed program called DIGITrans is used in daily clinical routine that normalises all DICOM (RT) data to prevent interoperability issues and guarantees data consistency.

DIGITrans verifies the patient demographics of exported data from the CT scanners against the information stored in the in-house developed electronical health record. If needed, the images are corrected before they are sent to the DICOM RT PACS.

Another step that is performed before storing the images is that they are "branded" with the Frame of Reference UID by adding this identifier into the corners of the image itself. The numbers of are encoded such that they are not visible nor influence treatment planning calculations.

This DICOM tag is lost during import/export of some treatment planning systems, which breaks the link to the original dataset. By adding this identifier into the image, it is pertained during transport.

An abstract subscribing DIGITrans was submitted for the ICCR 2010 conference. It can be downloaded here.